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DAWWAR.net is the UK's leading provider of web hosting services, hosting over 500,000 websites on Microsoft Windows servers. Through our superior network, world class support and innovative packages we have earned a solid reputation for quality and service. 

Here are some of the things that make DAWWAR.net different:

Our Data Centre

At DAWWAR.net, we invest heavily in our technology. Our onsite Data Centre facility in Gloucester, UK, hosts thousands of servers for our worldwide client base. 

The DAWWAR.net Data Centre facility is worth over 10 Million pounds and provides the most secure environment for your website. Features such as Advanced Fire Suppression Systems, Denco Environmental Climate Control and APC UPS equipment ensure that your website is online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our Connectivity

DAWWAR.net has multiple connections to the Internet from high quality backbone providers. We currently have 400 Mb of bandwidth and an additional 155 Mb available "on tap" to cope with future demand.

BT have the largest IP network in the UK. They are our primary bandwidth provider and we currently have a 30 Mb Internet connection with them. This service is delivered on gigabit fiber and is diversely routed to two different BT exchanges on different sides of our data centre. The connection is burstable to 155 Mb at the flick of a switch. BT is one of the most expensive providers in the UK due to the high quality of their network and ability to deliver the best support and service level agreements. 

While some of our competitors are still using 2 Mb or 8 Mb connections delivered over unreliable copper wires as their primary connections, DAWWAR.net has made the additional investment and used a quality "tier 1" backbone provider ensuring your websites files onto the Internet at lightening speed, every time.

Telewest are the UK's largest cable company and provides the network backbone for the mobile phone operator, One2One. Our Telewest connection is delivered over Telewest's own fiber and is completely independent of BT's network.

UUNet are of the larger UK backbone providers and offer excellent service level guarantees to DAWWAR.net enabling us to ensure your Internet service is available 100% of the time.


Our Servers

DAWWAR.net has a strategic relationship with Intel, ensuring our customers benefit from the fastest servers available. Every server on our network (excluding our file servers) are based around dual processor Pentium Xeon or Pentium IV processors, a minimum of 4GB of memory and hot swappable SCSII hard drives. We use  IBM filer systems ensuring your data is safe and always available.

Pictured is one of our Intel Xeon E3110 servers, engineered specifically for Internet Service providers. These servers provide high performance and high availability with integrated management and monitoring systems.


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